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St Simons | Jekyll Island | Savannah |Atlanta Wedding Photographer

I have over a decades experience in the photography industry. This experience gives me the ability to capture exactly what you are looking for. Growing up in the Atlanta area, I started out my career working as an assistant for some of the top photographers at that time. This experience was very valuable to me as I learned so many different photography techniques. A lot of my work back then was assisting on magazine and catalog shoots. During that time I took photography projects to build up my own portfolio and grow my skill set. After I was done assisting, I spent a great deal of time working as an Atlanta Wedding Photographer. Those early projects were a lot of fun. They let me use all of those different skills I had learned to adapt to the craziness that can be a wedding day.

After several years working in as a Atlanta wedding photographer, I began traveling and living in different locations around the US and overseas. During those years, traveling and Landscape photography became great passions of mine and still are to this day. From Asia to Alaska and much of the Western United States I worked on whatever photography projects came my way.

Now I am back in Georgia living on St Simons Island off the Georgia coast. Living down here, I shoot a lot of different types of photography for many different clients around the state. I still love coming up to Atlanta to shoot weddings or other projects. Luckily for me the Georgia coast has amazing places such as Savannah, Jekyll Island, St Simons Island and Sea Island, which allows me to work on a lot of destination weddings. Please reach out to me if you have questions about Wedding Photography in Atlanta, the Georgia Coast or any other destination around the globe.

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